Yayın Politikası

Publication Policy of Memurlar.net Website 1- General Provisions

1/1- The publication principles of Memurlar.net apply to and bind the website memurlarnet.pro. The hosting rules are applied to forum.memurlar.net, sozluk.memurlar.net, and uye.memurlar.net.

1/2- The employees of Memurlar.net make an effort to separate their political activities in a newspaper from their membership in a political party.

1/3- The administrators of Memurlar.net cannot act contrary to the publication principles in joint operations and collaborations with other media outlets and organizations.

2- Publication Principles

2/1- The fundamental aim of Memurlar.net’s publications is to ensure that people can use their right to access information to the fullest extent possible, and necessary care and effort are taken to achieve this goal.

2/2- Memurlar.net applies the 5W-1H rule of free journalism in its publications. It prioritizes the truthfulness, freshness, public interest, objectivity, balance and fairness, and freedom of expression and criticism in opinion pieces.

2/3- Memurlar.net does not publish column articles from newspapers or websites due to copyright issues. It does not quote news from subscription-free news agencies, except authorized print media organizations.

2/4- Memurlar.net does not publish news that will belittle a class or group of people.

2/5- Violent, provocative, and hateful elements that incite hatred and enmity among individuals, communities, ethnic and religious groups, nations, and peoples are not included in its publications.

2/6- No one is declared responsible without concrete evidence and provable information in news and comments. Allegations and defenses in ongoing administrative and judicial investigations and trials are published in a fair and balanced manner. The presumption of innocence is respected in publications.

2/7- Individuals cannot be defined by their race, nationality, ethnic origin, class, language, religion or denomination, belief or disbelief, professional group, physical or mental disability, or made fun of with these characteristics, except when they are a part of the news.

2/8- The protection of personality rights and individuals’ private lives is essential in news and comments. People’s lifestyles, attitudes, and behaviors cannot be condemned, and their private spaces cannot be the subject of publication. However, when public interest is at stake, this area can be entered to the extent required by the publication of news.

2/9- Legal or illegal image and sound recordings that violate the inviolability of private life cannot be published under any circumstances when there is no public interest.

2/10- The necessary anonymization rule is applied when publishing court decisions, and news targeting a professional group cannot be made.

2/11- Personal advertisements are not targeted with names in news related to them. News is published after ensuring necessary legal fairness.