Memurlarnet.pro is the largest thematic news site in Turkey that has been providing guidance services to public sector employees since 1999. The site keeps track of industry developments, ensures application uniformity between institutions, and provides guidance to KPSS candidates who wish to enter the public sector. It is known for its expert opinions and analysis from knowledgeable professionals in the field.

In addition to news, Memurlarnet.pro offers services such as forums, announcements, job exchanges, member pages, courses, decisions, dictionaries, videos, and photo galleries. It is also the executing company of the “Public Job Advertisements” package offered by Avea.

With over 1.7 million registered and email-verified members, the site allows members to communicate with each other through forums and their own personal member pages, as well as comment on news articles.

In 2009, Memurlarnet.pro was selected by Google as one of the six top firms in the world in terms of AdSense and search results, as announced on Google AdSense’s website.

The site has a total of 1,323,426 members on its Facebook pages for Memurlar and KPSS, with 961,500 and 361,926 members respectively. Its Twitter account is also verified by the platform and has 388,000 followers.

In Turkey, there are approximately four million public sector employees and around five million citizens who take the KPSS exam every two years with the aim of becoming public sector employees. Memurlarnet.pro is the only platform that both groups use.

Of the site’s visitors, 61% are male and 39% are female. Furthermore, 90% of visitors are university graduates, while the remaining 10% are high school graduates. In terms of advertising, Memurlarnet.pro ranks sixth in the MediaCat-Nielsen Advertising Report for 2011.