Miner purchase, which was a thousand people, was increased to two thousand people

During the “Black Sea Gas Commissioning Ceremony,” President Erdoğan made a promising announcement that demonstrates his commitment to the people of Turkey. He declared that his government, originally planning to hire only one thousand miners, will now hire two thousand.

This shows that the government is not only meeting its employment goals but surpassing them. The President’s use of language, invoking God’s permission, adds a level of sincerity and trustworthiness to his promise.


This announcement sends a message of hope and optimism to the Turkish people, assuring them that their government is working diligently to provide job opportunities and improve the economy.

The Filyos Natural Gas Processing Facility saw a historic moment with the commissioning of the Black Sea gas project. This energy project is one of the most significant in Turkey’s history and was graced with the presence of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The project involves the labor of over 8,000 personnel on land and more than 2,000 at sea. In its first stage, the project aims to extract 10 million cubic meters of natural gas per day.

During the Black Sea Gas Commissioning Ceremony, President Erdogan lit the torch and made a promising announcement. He stated that the government would not only fulfill its promise to hire 1,000 miners but double it, hiring a total of 2,000 miners.

This announcement demonstrates the government’s commitment to improving the economy and creating job opportunities. The President’s heartfelt words, acknowledging the sacrifices of the martyrs and the hard work of the nation’s people, adds a level of sincerity and depth to his message.

As the nation marches towards the future, the President urged the people to make the right decision for themselves in the upcoming May 14 elections.

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